Does your brand image and website design need a re-fresh?

The naming of your organisation, the design of your brochure, your packaging, your advertising, your website…all of these pieces work together to create one consistent message. This is your brand image. Has yours become stale and out of date?

How can you kick-start your marketing and inject new life into all your promotional activity? Answer: talk to us before anyone else – Livewell Counselling did!

Trying to do it yourself, or expecting web experts, printers, or sign writers to know what you need is like building a house without an architect. Get the plans right before you begin – your image, your positioning, your sales messages – YOUR BRAND. Then leave it to us to give you something unique and implement it across all media.

We work with marketing managers, who value our experience and reliability, but also with business owners who need help to know where to start.

Ask about our special launch or ‘kick start’ packages. Funding may be available.

Package A: sole trader, start-up business

Package B: established professional setting up a consultancy

Package C: established business re-positioning and re-branding

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Creating a logo is the first step to building a brand image. Choice of font, special effects, relevant imagery all contribute to the credibility of the brand. Very often less is more – the simplest logos are the best. Take a look at some examples Primary have created over the years.